Happy Summer Solstice!

It’s sweltering. On one of the hottest days of the year with temperatures reaching towards 26 degrees, a cold Holo is gone beyond nice – it’s heavenly! On the Summer Solstice, I got to thinking about the last six months of the year which in a way brought me round to thinking of the journey so far.

We launched Holo a little over six months ago. It was November and cold drinks on a hot summer’s day wasn’t really the way anyone was thinking. We had no real idea of what would happen, but it’s gone from being a dream to playing out before our eyes. I have a deep sense of gratitude to all those shops and stores that took a chance on us and a big wallop of thank you to all those that drink Holo.


Sweltering on Summer Solstice


We’re a tiny drop in the ocean really. But what a drop! And the ripples are spreading out, way beyond what we can see. We’re a bit in awe when a shop re-orders. Sometimes I wonder if life is already mapped out for us because when I started brewing kombucha, I nearly ended up throwing it out – lock, stock and barrel. Everything I tried didn’t work. It wouldn’t ferment, wouldn’t carbonate, the taste wasn’t right. But I kept going. I think in all it took me 14 months before one day I hit on the right blend of teas and knew instantly this was it. This was the flavour we were going to launch with.

The daily attempt to get the word out about Holo can be hard. With a small company like ours, marketing budgets are non-existent so word of mouth and social media are hugely important to us. To see the way Holo has grown makes me think that those 14 months of grafting trial batches were in a sense, the universe’s way of teaching me that patience was a learned characteristic. Not that I’m perfect at it! :)

We get asked so often why we’re not in this supermarket chain or that restaurant chain. But I’ve learned that rather than panicking over being in every single shop, it’s better to focus on the quality of the Kombucha. Not worrying that its not on every single shop shelf after just six months is an experience in patience and non-attachment! The ego of me wants to answer of course that it’s stocked in X number of shops. The inner me says to let it go and allow the universe to work some karma for us :)

If I had the time over is there anything I’d change? Sure, lots of things, but then, I mightn’t be chilling here writing this either.

Happy Summer Solstice!



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