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New flavour launch – Mango and Pineapple!

Everything has its time. In the brewery, we don’t rush the fermentation process. We just leave nature take its course and when the kombucha is ready for bottling, well, then we bottle! I think that kind of philosophy grew out of the way we decided upon our first flavour. It took us a year to perfect, brewing batch after batch after batch. And for the last year that trusty original flavour with the green label is what we’ve been steadily brewing and stocking on shelves.

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Irish VAT rates on natural healthcare

A picture tells a thousand words – or in this case, actions speak louder than empty words.

A few months back the government levied 23% VAT on Kombucha. Now its the turn of food supplements (on 1st March, 2019) which many people rely on – it seems there has been a policy shift towards taxing anything that is natural and good for you. Health is not a luxury and should be exempt from VAT. These moves to levy VAT on natural methods discourages people from maintaining their health in a natural and preventative lifestyle and instead forces people into a reactionary and artificial pharmaceutical lifestyle. It leads to more people needing treatment in an already disastrous and overburdened health system.

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Cleaning chemicals are as bad as cigarettes

It’s like people are waking up every day to the damage caused by the use of chemicals in their food, water, personal care products, clothes and environment. Sometimes it’s bewildering how these chemicals even make it past regulators, particularly into our food. Put it this way, anything in a factory that needs gloves, a chem suit and air filter probably doesn’t belong in the food being served. Trying to get this message out can be a bit like banging your head against a wall and then some guys and girls in white coats show up, publish a bit of research and Voila! it’s front page news.

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Holistic Food

What follows is a rough reconstruction of a presentation I gave at the West Waterford festival of Food.


Food. It’s something that permeates every aspect of our lives. From the moment we rise until we fall asleep, much our daily lives revolve around it. We’re all familiar with the food pyramid. Eat 5 a day fruit and veg and only now experts are saying our fruit and veg intake should be closer to 10 a day. Reduce the intake of fatty foods and so on.

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The Stress Effect

Long before computers and office environments, when we lived with the monkeys and ran with the hares, stress was a necessary response to situations where we might find ourselves as dinner for some stronger, hungry dinosaurs. Stress is a fight or flight response and evolved to warn us about situations that might prove dangerous to our body integrity. It was no use reacting to a situation when a lion had half our hand – stress was the recognition that “this could get bad” and so we hightailed it outta there.

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What do you see? Food? Health? Wholeness?

Soul Food

The glossy mags have declared 2017 to be the year of Lagom. The Sweedish word means “just enough“. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we should approach 2017 seeking to have just enough of everything. No overeating or undereating. No fanatical fitness or living on the couch for a week. Lagom implies just the right amount of time at work. The word implies a balance between all things.

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